Little River Software
  • An OSS Discussion from the GLUG Chat group
    Article Status = Complete (Topic Closed).
    A provocative email was posted to the GLUG chat which resulted in some interesting perspectives on Open Source Software. The mails have been colated here for easy reading.
  • System Implementation / Project Management
    Article Status = Never truly complete, This article is constantly evolving, have a read, there are lots of useful hints here.
    Planning and Implementing new system development. A review of better and worse practices, discussing preparation and pitfalls. The article applies equally to the implementation of a complex package/system, or to the development of new software from scratch. This article is based on real world experience, and not on academic study. As such it is, and probably always will be, a constantly changing document, comments and your experiences are appreciated.
  • String Vs Array performance
    Article Status = Complete, Ready For External Review.
    String handling in VB/ASP has some performance limitations. This article starts by discussing the use of arrays as an alternative to very long strings. The article also discusses the same issue using PHP, under both Windows and Linux with some unexpected results.
  • Microsoft displays fear, uncertainty, and doubt toward
    Article Status = Complete (External Author).
    I (Taran Rampersad) came across this Microsoft OpenOffice 1.1 Competitive Guide through a post on the TTLUG mailing list, and decided to answer it fully in a FDLed response because it will save quite a few people from typing everything.
  • A Comparison Browsers rendering the Little River Software Site
    Article Status = Ongoing (Never Complete).
    In desigining a web site you need to allow for many different browsers, each one renders the page a little differently.