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To avoid wasting your time, this web site is deliberately brief (and the download times should be excelent), if you need more information on Little River Software or our services, please email us
The Company Name:
  • Like a little river that joins with other little rivers we establish links with other small companies and together we can become a mighty river.
  • Rivers are dynamic, they are ever changing in response to the environment around them.
  • Little River Software aims to emulate a river, changing to meet the changing needs of the client, joining with others when big company effort is required, and adapting to utilise the advantages of new IT technologies.
  • Little River Software was founded in 1998 in Cape Town, South Africa. As of 2008 the last members have relocated to the UK.
Where are we?
  • Little River Software is based in Cape Town, South Africa.
  • We have business relationships with companies in Johannesburg and Cape Town.
  • We can of course provide services to clients anywhere in the world at competitive rates.
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