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Password Maker

  • Language = VBScript (in a single self contained html page)
  • Function = Produce passwords from a long text string
  • You need to memorise a long piece of text for example:

    • a line from a song
    • an inspiring saying
    • a scripture verse
    • a passage from a book

    You can safely write down all the other parameters (but keep the text secret) and be able to recreate your complex password at any time. The code is documented so you can make your own changes. Note that this function simply generates a password for you, and does not interact with any other applications.

    Save the file to disk, unzip it, and double click the file PMaker.htm

String Vs Array - Comparison Scripts

  • One PHP and One ASP
  • Used in the String Vs Array Article

These 2 scripts were used to compare the performance between processing long strings, and processing strings split into arrays.