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Just For Fun, Lets Try And Guess What The Future Holds.
Sadly: Due to abuse, we no longer take new guesses.
Previous Guesses
Year Guess Name
2010 thin film screens that can rollup, so you can have a huge display on your pda Richard
2050 EM Radiation free communications using pared nuclei of known spin Annon
2040 Wet wire technology, running on Linux, using a 3cm x 3cm 500GB HD seated behind your ear powered by kenetics. Oh, and maybe Mac Laren will design a decent car? Jesse Long (Highness in 96 years time)
2020 Messages that can be received and \'seen\' from your in Star Wars when R2-D2 delivers Princess Leias distress call to the counsel...a 3D type hologram thing....bit of a bummer if you`re in the bath and someone calls you on your cell though :) uKrease
2025 A Linux Desktop that you can use Antonie Fourie
2200 A secure version of Windows. Patrick
2025 Telepathy becomes commonplace Bob
2100 I think this will be the point where computers are so automated and integrated into society, that we will be changed back to a people who\'s focus lies more on nature and physical hard work to make a living - or even just to keep busy (computers will \'make a living\' for us) Sarel van der Walt
2015 Economic melt down due to falling oil production AnnonCT
2015 The Miami Dolphins win the Super Bowl in the year 2017. Thomas E. Kunis